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Tue, Jun. 1st, 2004, 12:21 am
ceridwen_amyed: Drabbles

Hi. Just got back from seeing PoA... *bounces* (Spoilerific review in my journal.) I wrote some HP drabbles the other day, so it seemed like an appropriate time to post. :)

Funny how things can change. Two days ago, Harry had believed that the world was an ordinary mundane place, and that as long as he lived with the Dursleys it always would be. But then yesterday he had made friends with a giant who not only gave him a birthday present, but a pet too. Harry’s new books were also interesting; he’d read out bits of it to the owl and she’s ruffled her feathers importantly when he spoke about a witch named Hedwig. So she became Hedwig and in his dreams, she carried him on her back through a world that was beautiful and terrible, magical and right. He wore it like a cloak around his shoulders. Bored and impatient for September 1st, he drew Hedwig as she was during the day: magic in an ordinary place.

(138 words)

After the first few skirmishes of the war Ginny took a pair of scissors to the bright mane of her hair and hacked it off, telling everyone that it got in the way of her vision in battle. Her eyes and lips seemed too big for her face; she looked unreal. She wore her brother’s t-shirts, sometimes cutting off the sleeves. The thin material of the shirts skirted around her boyish figure; all clean lines and straight edges. Her nails were bitten as badly as Harry’s and when she moved, all he could see was her bony ankles underneath too long jeans, the whiteness of her bra underneath the frail cotton of Charlie’s t-shirt, her hips like small animal bones.
Harry wondered why it was only when Ginny suffered and fought that he noticed she was a girl.

(138 words)

Tue, Jun. 1st, 2004 06:16 am (UTC)

Very nice. I especially likes the last sentences of both of them.

Harry/Ginny forever!