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Thu, Jul. 29th, 2004, 02:21 am

Title: Gotta Be Good
Author: Bohemian Storm
Fandom: Oz
Pairings: None. Brothers, completely non-incestuous, Cyril and Ryan O'Reily.
Genre: Oh, angst. It's Cyril O'Reily, of course it's angst.
Setting: Early season 2, before the breast cancer and before Cyril is in Oz.
Warnings: Language.
Challenge: Lyrics from Edwin McCain.
Notes: Yeah, I'm afraid I haven't done the characters justice, so I post this here where no one knows much about Oz. Buahaha. I also took liberties with Shannon's character because I never liked the wench. It's not canon that she hit Cyril, but I could see it happening.

I've dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead
Tuned in, turned on, remembered the thing you said

"You can't be bad anymore, Cyril. You have to be good. This is why you're not bad anymore."

He remembers Ryan telling him he couldn't be bad anymore because if he was bad he'd go to a place like the one were Ryan was. A place with the bars and the guards and all the things that make the muscles in his body tense up without him even realizing it. He doesn't like being tense. It makes him hurt at the end of the day, makes all the bones feel like there's an ache deep inside that he'll never get out. Sometimes he gets tense just thinking about Ryan being behind the bars and Shannon tells him it'll be okay, that Ryan will be back with them soon.

He believes her some days. Other days his brain gets all fuzzy and soft and he can't remember things like he's supposed to. Those are the days that Shannon gets angry at him and tells him to shut up. He'll never tell Ryan what she says to him because that would be wrong. He thinks he remembers that telling on people was wrong. He used to call it 'ratting'. Now he doesn't understand why he'd call it that, but he knows it was wrong. You never ratted on a person. That would be part of being bad.

And Ryan didn't want him to be bad. Ryan didn't want him to end up in a place with bars and cages.

So he's not bad. He's good. He doesn't tell Ryan when Shannon slaps him because that would be bad.

"Ryan?" he asks quietly, pressing his palms against the table top and staring at the place between his index and middle finger.

"Yeah, Cyril?"

"When're you coming home?"

He hears a soft snort and glances upward, biting his lip and looking away a moment later. "Because I really think S-Shannon would like you to come home. Because she misses you."

"Fuck. Shannon misses me, huh?"

Cyril nods, staring back at the table again. He picks at a hangnail on his thumb. "Yeah. She tells me."

"I'll bet she does," Ryan says and stares at the wall. "Fuckin' bitch."

"Time's up," a guard says and Cyril looks to Ryan for assurance.

"It's okay. Shannon's outside waitin' for you."

Cyril nods again. "Okay, Ryan. Okay."

They both stand and Ryan wraps him in a hug so tight he can barely breathe. He loves that feeling more than anything else and doesn't want to let go. He hates the guard that pulls them apart and thinks about doing something bad to him.

"You be good, okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good. I'll be good because I remember you told me not to be bad anymore. I remember what you said."

Ryan smiles. "I love you."

He watches his brother leave, biting the inside of his lip and nudging the chair leg with the toe of his sneaker.

"Gotta be good," he says, then wanders off to find Shannon.

Thu, Jul. 29th, 2004 08:15 pm (UTC)


I really liked this, dear. And I want to waaaaatch.

Yes, precious.

Alas, I have to wait till I go back to school.

But anyway. I liked it. Cyril makes me sad.