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Tue, Aug. 24th, 2004, 08:21 pm
crazyca: a challenge in fin_lubs_eri

i wanted to spice things up a little!!!
i like those cute marathons i've seen around the communities!
each can choose a topic! so, you have a plotbunny, or some idea of a story you wanna know, glorfindel/erestor involved, of course!
but, you don't wanna write it, you want someone else to do it for you!
so... all you gotta do is comment on this with the idea! we can divide into fics and pics, but then again, it's all up to you!
you give a topic!
all the comments shall be screened!
then, i'll put all the topic into a magic hat and start drawing challenges for all of you!
so, everyone who comments with the idea is obliged to write a given one!
it all depends on how many of you are willing to be a part of this, and then i'll choose a closing date. you can post the fic as another entry in here, and then i'll comment you with who the owner of the idea is!
of course, i'm willing to be a part of it, i just need to think of a plotbunny myself for it!!!
anyone for it?!?!?!

i'll do another explaining once more, since this one (which is the original one in the community) was misinterpreted mostly:

1. you get a glorfindel/erestor idea
2. you post it as a comment to a link i'll provide in the end
3. with posting a plotbunny, you're obliged to write a fic which i assign you to

last: don't worry, i'll do a drawing of plotbunnies and it'll be given by pure chance! promise!

now, all we need are people!! :)

so, clicky!!!
x posted around... EVERYWHERE!!!!