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Challenge Whores

c'mon, take the challenge

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We love challenges. Any pairing, any genre, any fandom, any rating.

Anyone here is welcome to post challenges or post responses to challenge. We do, however, have a few rules when posting either of these.

Posting a Challenge

If you're going to do this please label it with your LJ username and the number this Challenge is. There have been two challenges thus far, so keep numbering from there. Specify in this if there are any restrictions on the challenge. Pairing, fandom, rating, time/word limit should all be mentioned. If the authors have free range, please mention that as well.

Posting a Response to a Challenge

We would prefer you make a new post in order to post a challenge response. This makes it easier for everyone to see when challenges have been answered, rather than just the person who issued the challenge.

When posting a challenge please include the following: Title, author, fandom, pairing, genre, warnings (if any) and, of course, the challenge you're responding to. This information should be displayed for everyone. The rest of the story, however, should be placed under a cut. <*lj-cut text="Whatever"> <*/lj-cut> All you need to do is remove the asteriks.

If you have any questions don't hestitate to email the moderator the_rum_is_gone at a_thing_with_feathers@yahoo.com or the co-mod bohemian__storm at bewitch_the_mind@yahoo.ca